Previous conferences


2015 Autumn Tampere "Operation: Innovation"
2015 Spring Turku "Professional Event Management"
2014 Autumn Reykjavik "International Image"
2014 Spring Helsinki "Experience it"
2013 Autumn Vaasa "Advertise Now!"
2013 Spring Tallinna "Penetrating New Markets"
2012 Autumn Oulu "Responsible Management – The Way to Success"
2012 Spring Jyväskylä/Tampere "Keen On Green"
2011 Autumn Turku/Stockholm "Innovations to Revenue"
2011 Spring Reykjavik "Brand Management"
2010 Autumn Helsinki "Doing Business in Social Media"
2010 Spring Vaasa "Process management in different fields of business"
2009 Autumn Tampere "Foundation for Boom"
2009 Spring Århus "Risk Management"
2008 Autumn Turku "Corporate Social Responsibility"
2008 Spring Reykjavik “Mergers and Acquisitions in the Nordic Markets”
2007 Autumn Helsinki "Entertainment Business"
2007 Spring Vilna "Utilizing Nordic-Baltic Potential"
2006 Autumn Århus "Corporate Branding"
2006 Spring Tampere "High Performance Through Outsourcing"
2005 Autumn Reykjavik "International Expansion"
2005 Spring Copenhagen "Sustainability"
2004 Autumn Helsinki "Baltic Opportunities"
2004 Spring Århus "Change Management"
2003 Autumn Reykjavik "Natural Resources"
2003 Spring Turku "Managing Mergers & Acquisitions"
2002 Autumn Århus "Entrepreneurship"
2002 Spring Reykjavik "The Viking Firms"
2001 Autumn Helsinki "Telecommunication enabling business"
2000 Autumn Århus "E-business"
1999 Autumn Helsinki "Change Management"
1999 Spring Reykjavik "Research & Development"
1998 Autumn Århus "Personal Development"
1998 Spring Turku "Globalizing Businesses"
1997 Autumn Visby "Future Organizations"
1997 Spring Helsinki "Communication in Business Environment"
1996 Autumn Århus "Management in the 90s - TQM & BPR"
1996 Spring Oslo "Energy in the Nordic Countries"
1995 Autumn Vaasa "Creativity and Innovations"
1995 Spring Visby "The IT-revolution - Companies get wired"
1994 Autumn Reykjavik "Iceland In International Competition"
1994 Spring Turku "Management in a Crisis Situation"