Invitation to the NESU Union Meeting Spring 2018

Dear NESUits,
The spring conference is just behind the corner and so is the Union Meeting. This spring's meeting is held on Friday the 23rd of March at 15.45 in Töölön kampus, classroom A304 (Runeberginkatu 14-16, 00100 Helsinki). Every NESU member is warmly welcome to the meeting even if not attending the conference. We have meaningful things to decide so it is important to join the discussion in the meeting!
Here is the agenda for the meeting:
NESU Union Meeting Spring 2018
1) Opening the meeting
2) Choosing the chairperson and secretary of the meeting
3) Approval of the agenda
4) Announcements
5) Greetings from NESU Countries
6) State of the union
7)Conference fee
Proposal: The maximum price for the conference fee is 220 euros. For the people coming to their first conference outside of Finland, the conference fee is 170 euros.
8) President's conference fee
Proposal: From now on, the president will pay the same conference fee as all the other conference participants.
8) Choosing the location for the Spring Conference 2019
9) Introduction of the Autumn Conference 2018 in Iceland
10) Other matters
11) Closing the meeting