NESU-Waasa (Vaasa)

NESU-Waasa operates within Finland’s third biggest group of economics students. In Vaasa, NESU is part of the economics student organization Warrantti. NESU-Waasa is a big, lively and noisy organization, which organizes a variety of activities for students, the most important of which are the energetic, entertaining and overall hilarious sitsfests. Vaasa is Finland’s oldest NESU – town: the Faculty of Economy of the University of Vaasa joined NESU only a couple of years after the organization was founded.

A special NESU-tradition taking place yearly in Vaasa is the distribution of the highly appreciated Playmate-awards. These awards are distinctions granted to people who have undertaken a performance or other action, which shook, highly profited or otherwise amused either NESU-Waasa or the entire NESU-organization.

Welcome to Vaasa!

Contact information:

Saska Seppänen


Wolffintie 34

65200 Vaasa


Ellinoora Lassila

Sponsorship representative


Pekka Hyvärinen

Sits Coordinator


Juulia Järvinen



Vaula Korhonen



Pyry Mustajärvi