Greetings from NESU-SHS!

This has been an interesting year for the small but eager group of Hanken students. The following blog will be a small kind of review over the current NESU-year on the behalf of NESU-SHS. 
Our year started a little bit slow in the way that nobody of our board-members were able to participate in the NESU-Dagen event. This was a small kind of shock for our board because we wanted a good and fresh start for the year. This didn’t slow us too much because we started quite early on to plan for our first sitz-party! That party was a success for the scale of NESU-SHS which of course was a really good thing after our slow start for the NESU-year :D
The spring came, and the snow started to melt which meant it was time to organise our second possible sitz-party of the year. The NESU calendar was filled with intriguing events organized by the other NESU cities which led to the solution that we would organise a gaming night instead. This event was meant for Hanken students, in order to increase visibility of our activity in the University.
NESU activity for SHS slowed down closer to summer and after a relaxed summer holiday we started the second term with a lot of eager to organize a big party! We had a really successful start in the autumn with our “Finlandsvensk”-sitz. The event included a lot of new freshmen and also, to our surprise, many international students. This meant that the sitz-party was held both in Finnish and English which was quite challenging, especially with combining all the songs and jokes that arises during a regular NESU-party.
Now the focus lies on our last sitz-party of the year, which will be our 5-year Birthday-party! We are celebrating the eventful journey NESU-shs has had this far and hope the activity will continue as happily and positively it has been these 5 years.
We welcome everybody to join the NESU-SHS 5-year birthday party and wish a really snowy and calm ending of the year for everybody belonging to the NESU-family!