NESU-PorKy (Pori)



PorKy, shortened term from Porin Kylterit, comes from Pori. Pori is located in the western coast of Finland and it is about 140 kilometres away from Turku. The students of University Consortium of Pori study in the old and beautiful Pori’s Puuvilla. In addition to the economic students there are also other students from for example  Tampere university of tecnology and Aalto university. Porin Kylterit is an active subject association that provides events and other happenings for its members. Porin seudun ekonomit was established in 1943 at present it has over 430 members around Satakunta area.


Contact information:

Stina Seitsonen
PorKy ry
+358 50 432 7223