NESU-Boomi (Tampere)



NESU-Boomi association was officially founded in the autumn of 2005. Despite the relatively young age, well-known legends have been grown in Tampere within NESU. NESU-Boomi organizes sits parties five times a year. In addition to the sits parties NESU-Boomi has organized NESU Conference four times, the latest in Autumn 2015. NESU-Boomi has also organized the Summer Cottage in 2014.

NESU organizes sits parties almost every week. Subscribe and you’ll receive the latest information via email of upcoming events. Instructions how to subscribe can be found here. For long term planning we recommend using the calendar found at top of the page. But be aware, the NESU spirit may turn out to be addictive and cause prolonged studies as well as prematurely fulfilled overalls!





Contact information:

Elise Sivonen
NESU-Boomi, Chair 2018

Elise Sivonen Teemu Kääriäinen Benjamin Silvani
Chair Vice Chair, Treasurer Corporate Relations
Aino-Elina Alaperä Ninni Isoaho Anni Murto
Sits Coordinator Communications Secretary, Graphics