Introducing: Vice Chairman of NESU Finland!

Greetings my friends old and new!
It has been a while since we last updated our blog, but now that we have a little bit more free time (as if!) it has come time for me to introduce myself and maybe shed some light on what’s been happening in NESU in the past month or so. So bear with me for a moment and read along!

Introducing: Our new country representative!

Over here at NESU Finland we thought it might be a good idea to introduce everyone in the board to the community and get a look at what kind of people we have running the NESU Finland circus this year. Here's what our dear Mr. Chairman had to say about himself:


Hello all you friends and loved ones!

Suggest MVP candidates

The MPV (Most Valuable Player) is a decoration that is granted by NESU Finland to a person who has somehow shown significant contribution to development of NESU as an organization.
Granting criteria
The MVP decoration can be granted to NESU members who;