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The MPV (Most Valuable Player) is a decoration that is granted by NESU Finland to a person who has somehow shown significant contribution to development of NESU as an organization.
Granting criteria
The MVP decoration can be granted to NESU members who;

Apply for NESU Finlands board!

Apply for NESU Finlands board!
NESU Finlands new board will be elected in the organizations autumn meeting on 2.8. in Tampere. You can stand for election by expressing your want in the meeting or by delivering a short introduction according to the guidelines below:
Send an introduction to by 20.7. about yourself including at least the following points: name, university and the different positions you are interested in. You may also include your year of study and age. 


Besides melting snow and singing birds, one of the most obvious signs of spring had finally arrived after Easter – the traditional Wappu tour. This year, the tour consisted of four sitsi parties held on April 23rd – 26th. Since the tour was longer and more hard-core than previous years, there might have been some doubts that it’s not possible to have a really good time so many days. However, the concerns were totally pointless as the atmosphere was amazing every day. Instead, a group of brave NESUits had even longer tour than just four days.

NESU Spring Conference 2014: Experience It! Monetizing Experience Economy

Almost two months ago, March 10th, was an exciting day for many. 52 participants from 12 different schools and 3 different countries arrived to Helsinki. At the same time the organizing team of 13 students was eager to begin the week they had been preparing for 11 months. NESU 2014 spring conference "Experience It! Monetizing Experience Economy" was finally here.

HERE: KY's anniversary -sitsiparty


NESU-KY celebrated KY’s 103rd birthday by throwing the annual ball sitsiparty. Straying from tradition, however, this year’s sitsiparty was held at the elegant G18 ballroom where the jubilant KY students honored the school’s turning of years, and began to awaken their party spirits for Saturday’s main event. The dress code followed along the fancy line of the annual ball: the ladies in their dazzling LBDs were accompanied by young men suited up for the evening.