2017 has kicked off with a whole new board for NESU-Hanken I Vasa. The board has been expanded with one additional position: NESU-Hanken I Vasa now has its very own program coordinator! We spent most of January and indeed the beginning of February getting acquainted with each other and the new NESU-boards in Finland. Most of NESU-Hanken I Vasa’s board attended NESU-Dagen in January and we really had a great time. It was a pleasure making new friends and catching up with old friends. Kudos to NESU-Finanssi for a fantastic NESU-Dagen!

Greetings from Oulu!

The beginning of the year 2017 has been very busy but the more rewarding for NESU-Finanssi. As the highlight of the Spring, in January we had the pleasure of hosting the NESU Dagen for the first time in six years. The night before we organized a “Royalty” sits party, where plenty of Dagen attendants were also present. At NESU Dagen the new NESU boards from all over Finland and Tallinn gathered in Oulu for this legendary weekend to network and familiarize themselves with their positions and duties in the board.

Case Competition in Lappeenranta on the 24th of March

It has been a busy beginning of the year for NESU-Enklaavi. We’ve already organized a sits party and been to Oulu with other NESU boards from all over Finland. Right now we’re getting ready for our next sits party which will be held on the 24th of March, so only two more weeks to go!

Invitation: NESU Union Meeting, Spring 2017

Dear NESUits,
The spring conference is getting closer and so is the Union Meeting. This spring's meeting is held on Friday the 10th of March at 15.00 in Cella Nova (Ylätori 2, 65100 Vaasa, Finland). Every NESU member is welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting, even if not a part of the conference itself.
Here is the agenda for the meeting:
NESU Union Meeting Spring 2017
1) Opening the meeting
2) Choosing the chairperson and secretary of the meeting
3) Approval of the agenda
4) Announcements
5) Greetings from NESU Countries